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A semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that creates natural-looking brows using a manual, handheld tool with super fine needles on the end. Strokes are carefully etched into the skin with pigment to mimic individual hairs.

Best suited for normal to dry skin types

Powdered Ombre

A semi-permanent technique using a tattoo machine with a single needle that creates a "ombre" look that starts very light at the front of the brows and gradually darkens as it gets closer to the tail. Perfect for those who use make-up to fill in their brows or who want to wake up everyday with beautiful, filled-in brows.

Best suited for all skin types

Combo Brows

A combination of both microblading and powdered ombre. Hair-like strokes are microbladed at the fronts of each brow while the middle and tail section of the brows are tattooed using the powdered ombre technique.

Best suited for all skin types

Brow Lamination & Tint

A popular three-step service that includes a brow lamination, tint and shaping.

Similar to a hair perm/relaxing treatment, a brow lamination smooths out and redirects natural brow hairs to create a fluffy-looking, neat brow. Paired with a tint that temporarily stains the skin and brow hairs and you're set with perfect brows for up to 6 weeks!